Finch, selected poems, read by Linda Turbett

Linda Turbet has created an entire YouTube channel of poems by Anne Finch accompanied by eighteenth-century music and images. Among the poems included: “Love, Death, and Reputation,” “The Prevalence of Custom,” “Timely Advice to Dorinda,” “The Atheist and the Acorn,” “The Unequal Fetters,” “On Myselfe,” “The Tree,” “A Song (The Nymph, in vain, bestows her pains),” “‘Tis Strange, This Heart Within My Breast,” “Melinda On An Insippid Beauty,” “There’s No Tomorrow, and “The Losse.”

Link to it at Anne Finch Poetry channel or start with one and chain to the others: [youtube][/youtube]

Dryden, “Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell” sung by the Yorkshire Baroque Soloists

Source: YouTube: Robin Blaze, Peter Darnell, Yorkshire Baroque Soloists directed by Peter Seymour. Dryden, \"Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell\" (sung)

Finch, “Song” (Love, thou art best of Human Joys), arr. Purcell

Source: YouTube. A sung version of Purcell’s arrangement. [youtube][/youtube]

Milton, “from Lycidas,” read by Joan Thuebel

Click here to view video.

This recording is a video recording. Scroll down until you find “From Lycidas”. Clicking the link will pop up a window in which to view the video. There is a brief introduction to the video.